Monday, July 24, 2006

Vet Visit

I had an enjoyable visit with Dr. Debbie and her staff today. Guess what I found in the lady I live with's car? A Rawhide!!!! Somedog must have forgotten about it. But I didn't.

Everyone at the clinic was very happy to meet me. I even enjoyed getting on the scales. I kepted getting on it. By the way, I weigh 53.5 pounds.

Tomorrow I will be pampered at the spa. It's good to be me!


Ender said...

53 Lbs! Wow...Thats almost double what I weigh! But I bet you are taller too!

Niki said...

Hi, Ender. Yes, I bet I am taller than you, too!

LargeOh said...

This is the Bad Old Pussy, I get to go to the vet tomorrow morning.... My old-lady is going drug me up like Miss Whiteney. She thinks it's for my own good, just because I tried to kill everyone at the vet's office the last time. She never lets me have any fun. When she went to the vet's office to pick up the crack she is going to force me to smoke before my appointment, the vet remembered me and and was VERY happy to hear that I was going to be chemically restrained... He's afraid of me and I like that a lot.

Niki said...

From my experience, you can get a lot by biting. Just a suggestion.