Monday, July 24, 2006

Vet Visit

I had an enjoyable visit with Dr. Debbie and her staff today. Guess what I found in the lady I live with's car? A Rawhide!!!! Somedog must have forgotten about it. But I didn't.

Everyone at the clinic was very happy to meet me. I even enjoyed getting on the scales. I kepted getting on it. By the way, I weigh 53.5 pounds.

Tomorrow I will be pampered at the spa. It's good to be me!


Ender said...

53 Lbs! Wow...Thats almost double what I weigh! But I bet you are taller too!

Niki said...

Hi, Ender. Yes, I bet I am taller than you, too!

Niki said...

From my experience, you can get a lot by biting. Just a suggestion.