Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hello Dearies!

This is my new blog. It's just as genteel as I am! I am a distinguished senior citizen of 13 years who is now residing with 5 other dogs, 1 gecko, and one person. My originally person passed away at the beginning of this year. I had never lived with other dogs until I came here. It's overwhelming at times.

My latest hobby is barking loudly in the middle of the night so that the person will turn the light on and I can find my way to the water bowl.

By the way, I don't like having my picture taken!


IndyPindy said...

Hi Niki!
Why don't you like having your picture taken? You are so pretty!

I'm sure all of those young whipper snappers can be annoying. Too bad they're not all as well behaved and mature as I am!

Huh...for some reason when I typed that my human laughed so hard she spit out some of her drink. Wierd.

Niki said...

Yes, humans are to be pitied and tolerated.

I don't like that flash thing that happens when my photo is taken. Plus, I like my privacy.